Welcome to my little corner of the Internet

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This site is largely dedicated to my automotive endeavors

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  Here you'll find a list of the cars I have owned, the modifications I made to them, the results of those modifications, a list of my families cars, and anything else I feel like throwing up here.  Feel free to look around, critique, and ask questions.  You can reach me via E-mail through any of the webmaster links on the site.  I eventually plan to include quite a bit of technical information, so feel free to shoot me questions regarding those issues.


Nothing much new.  Working a new job as a manager at a Car Quest auto parts store.  My 91 Corvette is torn apart in my garage for some upgrades.  My girls 87 Buick Regal just ran a 12.18 @ 108, so that is pretty exciting.  Other than that, not much to report.


Here's me about a year ago

I've owned a few performance cars, here's the list, and a few details:

My first real car was 1999 WS6 Trans-Am.  I bought it new in 1999.  It was red with gray leather interior, sported aggressive looking hook scoops, a 6 speed, and a relatively new power plant at the time, the LS1.   I eventually totaled the WS6 in 2003, it's an unfortunate story, you can catch the bio on this car in it's photo section by following the link on the left.

Next was a 1992 Corvette.  When I bought this car it was already pretty highly modified, the stock LT1 power plant had been bored and stroked to 383 cubic inches, it had performance cylinder heads, and some other modifications.  It was also a six speed car, also red, and also had gray interior.  To date, it is the fastest car I have ever owned.  Catch the bio, mods list, and performance data with the links on the left.

I eventually sold the red Corvette and bought a 2004 Suzuki SV 650 motorcycle.  Some of my friends were into sport bikes, and everyone felt that the relatively docile SV 650 would be a good way to get my feet wet in the world of 2 wheel action.  I loved the bike, it was truly a life changing experience.  The feeling of freedom when riding is hard to describe.  After about 2 months of owning the bike, I wrecked and totaled the bike on a twisty canyon road.  I severely injured both my legs and didn't walk for almost 3 months.  With the help of a great surgeon, and some titanium bone replacement, I made a full recovery.  You can't even tell I was in the accident by looking at me.  I can run, jump, walk up and down stairs, all with little to no difficulty.  Catch the before and after pics of the bike, along with the details on my accident by following the links on the left.

Last, but not least is my current ride.  A black on black, six speed, 1991 Corvette.  This car is still a project under construction, but you can see the pics, and check out the modifications by following the links on the left.