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Here's a list of the terms, abbreviations, and acronyms I'll be using on the site:

CX-  This refers to a generation of Corvette.  For example, my 1991 is a C4, or 4th generation Corvette.

C1-  This is the first generation Corvette.  All years from 1953-1962 are C1 Corvettes.

C2-  The second generation of the Corvette.  All Corvettes from 1963 t 1967 are C2 Corvettes.  Many enthusiasts consider the 67 Corvette to be the pinnacle of the Corvette lifespan.  Regardless of your opinion of which Corvette is best, 1967 was/is an awesome year for these cars.

C3-  The third generation of Corvette covers all Corvettes from 1968-1982.  This was an incredibly long model run, by anyones standards.

C4-  1984 through 1996 marks the 4th generation of Corvettes.  Notice that there were no 83 Corvettes, the new body style was not ready in time, and the equipment to produce the older body style was already sold or destroyed.

C5-  1997 to 2004 encompasses all the C5 Corvettes.  Drastic changes to body and frame construction, along with an LSX series engine result in the fastest production Corvette ever in 2002, the Zo6.

C6-  2005 to ????.  The newest, and possibly the greatest.  In 2006 the new Zo6 version of the Corvette was released.  This car shattered all previous performance records (except the 24 hour top speed record, which is held still by the C4 era ZR1) with a 7.0 liter 500 horse power V8.  The C6 Zo6 cars are truly amazing.

WS6-  This is an option code for late model Firebirds.  It entails some suspension upgrades, special badging, and most noticeably some large air scoops on the hood.  The WS6 option is very similar to the 'SS' camaro option.  My 99 Trans-Am was a WS6 equipped car.  The large nostrils up front really set these cars apart from other 4th generation Camaros and Firebird.  I can honestly say that the WS6 drew more attention than my 2 Corvettes combined.  I miss the car, and I hope to one day own another one.

Nitrous Oxide-  There are several slang terms for nitrous oxide.  Here's a list of some of the more common terms:

The squeeze, the spray, the juice, the bottle, the stuff, N20, nitrous, and the gas are all common terms associated with the use of N20.  NOS is also used, but is entirely incorrect in my opinion.  NOS is a brand name, the letters stand for Nitrous Oxide Systems.  Some will argue that NOS has been added to lexicon and can be used universally like the words Kleenex and Q-tip, but I disagree.  If you have NOS brand components on your car, that the only time the phrase, "I have NOS." should be used.  This is just my opinion, yours may vary.

WOT-  This is a common acronym that stands for Wide Open Throttle